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'The Bristol Zebra' wins Shambala Bluescreen Audience Award.

July 25, 2009

On behalf of everyone in the cast and crew who took part in the making of 'The Bristol Zebra' I'd like to thank everyone who voted for 'The Bristol Zebra' in last nights Shambala Bluescreen Audience Award.

Thanks to the poets, cast and crew for their free time and trouble in the making of the film. 

I would like to dedicate this award to the memory of Bristol Zebra Poet 'Joe Solomon' who passed away in March. 

The prize is four tickets to the Shambala Festival and the opportunity to make a film about this years festival. If anybody would like to come to the festival and help me make the film please get in touch.

 In particular at the moment I am not sure how I will get there so if you have a vehicle that could be a big bonus and if you have a tent that might also be a bonus.

Other than that enthusiasm to make a film about a festival would be a highly desirable asset. Details about the Shambala Festival can be found at :-

Thanks to Steve at Bluescreen for giving Bristol film makers a public platform thanks to...


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